VTuber Commissions

~ Illustration & Rigging ~

Commissions:Status - Open


Pick one or many. Exact pricing cannot be determined until we discuss your project details. I can adjust scope to fit your vision within your budget, but models run a few thousand USD at minimum as several weeks of work are required.

Max Motion


  • Hair & Clothes Physics
  • Mouth Phonemes (A,E,I,O,U)
  • Head X,Y,Z Rotation
  • Forward Lean Motion
  • Body Turn Motion
  • Lower Body Motion
  • Hotkeyed Expressions (VTube Studio)
  • Commercial Rights

Essential Motion


  • Hair & Clothes Physics
  • Mouth Phonemes (A,E,I,O,U)
  • Head X,Y,Z Rotation
  • Torso Tilt Motion (aka L/R Lean only)
  • Hotkeyed Expressions (VTube Studio)
  • Commercial Rights

Additional Outfits
(Or Hairstyles)

Character Reference Sheets
Front + Side + Back View

Illustration Only
Character Design, Key Visuals

Other Items
Simple Hand Motions, Extra Expressions, Tongue, Pets, etc.


Contact Me! Discuss Project Quote & Contract Design Payment Design Work Design Revisions Rigging Payment Rigging Work Delivery! Rigging Revisions (90 Days Free) 1 2 3

Contact & Project Discussion

Contact me by email or on social media, and tell me a little about what you'd like made. Have some references prepared (especially if you don't have an existing design) so I can get an accurate idea of your vision. We can jump into Discord as needed to discuss the finer details.

Quote & Contract

When you feel ready to move forward I'll send you a quote and if the quote looks good to you I'll then send the contract.

Design Payment & Design Work

This is the illustration portion of the work. This will be fast if you have an existing design or slower if not. Even with an existing design VTuber models require layers to be cut in a certain way so there may still be work needed on my end. After work starts I'll send regular updates to you so you allowing you to see the progress from sketch to fully colored illustration. If concept design work is needed I may send you a number of sketches to choose from. During this process you may send feedback for reasonable revisions at any time before the rigging work starts. Design work does not start until I receive the design payment that was listed in the quote. PayPal is typical.

Rigging Payment & Rigging Work

This is the portion of the work where I make an existing illustration move. Rigging work does not start until I receive the rigging payment. I'll send regular progress updates, and you may ask for revisions as we go along.


You will receive an archive file (e.g. zip file) containing the model files for your VTuber typically over email or google drive. If you stated that you use VTube Studio I also setup hotkeys and parameters for you. If you use other programs such as Nizima Live your model will work, but you will need to setup your own hotkeys. Archive contents include, but are not limited to a .moc3 file, possible animation and physics files, and usage instructions. The .cmo3 file will not be provided. This file is not needed to use the model. You may optionally request the .psd file of the art to be included in this archive.

Delivery Timeline

Approximate dates will be communicated along with the contract, but expect each illustration to take a few weeks and rigging to take a few more weeks once work has started. Because timing is so flexible I make sure to provide at least weekly updates so that you can rest assured that progress is being made. And obviously revisions will result in dates being pushed back.

Rigging Revisions (90 Days Free)

As you use your model and notice this or that, you have 90 days from the delivery of the rigging work to request revisions on the rigging work. You also remain eligble for a discounted price on extra clothing or hairstyles for these 90 days.

Tell Me About Your Project

  • Which offerings?
  • Describe what you'd like made.
  • Do you have an existing design?
  • (Attach references or optionally link your social media)
  • Anything else I need to know? Deadlines, need to keep things private, etc.
  • What is the best way to contact you to send progress updates?

Email: [email protected]